Modern bathroom design with limestone countertops and succulent in pots on the counter.



Elevate countertops, floors, or walls with beautiful, natural limestone in neutral colors that stand the test of time. Our collection of limestone incorporates a palette of organic tones in sizes for flooring and wall coverings, extra-large slabs, mosaics, as well as unifying trim.

Limestone Collection


Our Limestone Collection includes opulent natural stone limestone in the most requested tile sizes.
Coordinating trim, mosaics, and other decorative tile are also available in many of these selections.

Limestone Slab

These extra-large limestone slabs offer seamless surfaces for palatial countertops.
Available in variable sizes in 3cm or 2cm thickness.

Decorative Limestone Series

Limestone slabs create incredible kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, and limestone tiles make stunning floor & wall surfaces, but what about shaking things up a little? Meet Decorative Limestone!


These decorative series transform any wall into a plush, touchable beauty.

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