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Indian Marbles

Indian marbles have great number of potential users as compare to any other type of natural rock. Its chemical properties make it perfect to be used in agriculture & pharmaceutical industry, whereas the optical properties enhance the use of this stone in paper, paint & cosmetics making. Here, we are providing a range of Marbles which is absolutely perfect to be used for making sculptures, artifacts, flooring and tiling. Formed from a limestone with few impurities, this natural stone comes in light color shades such as white, yellow, pink and grey. In a large number of historical buildings, tombs, temples and monuments across the world, this pleasing Indian Marbles range is used due to it beautiful texture and strength.

Facts About Indian Marble:

  • Forms at the convergent plate boundaries of the soil, where most part of the Earth's crust is exposed to regional metamorphism
  • Occurs in deposits of hundreds of feet thick, hence can be mined economically on a large
  • The pure marble always reacts in contact with many acid
  • Have hardness of three when measured on the Mohs hardness scale