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Granite North

One of the most durable stones used in the architectural and artistic work is North Indian Granite. This igneous rock, visibly granular comes in various color shades from pink to green, black, grey, brown and many other. The granite stone consists of feldspar and quartz and many other dark minerals such as horneblend, mica and pyroxene. Like other architectural stone, this one is used for several decorative and structural purposes such as for sculptures, architectural trim, veener building stone, grave markers, paving, etc. Today, a large number of people prefer this North Indian Granite stone the most for kitchen slabs, floor tiles, table counter-tops, curbing, stairs flooring and walls covering.

  • Hard enough to have resistance against abrasion
  • Have high strength due to which these are capable of bearing significant weight
  • Resist all the weather conditions and accepts polish
  • It is one most abundant rock found in the continental crust
Mystic Grey Granite
Mystic Grey Granite